Monthly Archives: February 2008

Once In A Very Short Lifetime

It’s a leap year folks. That’s right, just when you thought that weird function IsLeapYear() would never come in handy, here we are at the end or beginning of another four year mark. Somebody out there is only now finally able to celebrate a long […]

Sleep All Day

For those of you who know the song by Jason Mraz called Sleep All Day, you know how that song is nice and relaxing to listen to? Yah, well sleeping all day is nice too. Today I slept in till 2pm, which isn’t out of […]

What If Lukes Could Kill?

What if lukes could kill?

I would imagine there would be fire, knives and a lot of wise ass comments thrown into the mix. Well, I suppose if I really wanted to know, I could just go to and find out haha. Happy Birthday homeslice. You’ve joined the quarter […]

You need actions

Tools! Siva’s Photoshop Conditional Action

Awesome! Today I spent a buttload of time trying to protect the images I’ve uploaded by sticking a watermark on them. Sure, NextGEN Gallery allows me to have watermarks but when it saves, it completely obliterates the exif meta data (holy tongue twister) which sucks […]

Hunger Biox

Photos! NextGEN Gallery

Since I know you’re all interested in the stupid details, I’ll take the liberty to detail some on-going changes with my site. I’ve just added some photos and integrated it with the NextGen Gallery and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. It offers a […]

Nom nom nom Phnom Penh

So today, well “yesterday” if you want to be an asshole, I had to go in to work. Afterwards, Ann, Helena and I went to get shanked for dinner in the skeezy part of Vancouver: Chinatown. Just kidding, it’s not that sketchy, you just can’t […]

Fantastaic Four

Hello Again, World!

It’s alive! After letting dot-squad go defunct from about mid 2007 and constantly making fake plans to revamp it, i gave up because i could never force myself to make the time to do it. Enter wonderful WordPress. After Andy and Ann set theirs up […]