Monthly Archives: March 2008

I want prawn

Pr0n. I can’t help myself, besides, it’s possible it might be shrimp I said to myself that I’d try not to post things that were way off tangent. I suppose I’m not the dog’s bullocks. Working today, I got really tired. I wanted a nap.. […]

Pose? Expose.

Bikram Yoga, as described by wikipedia and confirmed by myself when I went to try it out this long weekend with a few friends, is yoga for 90 minutes in hot-hot heat. Simply put, kind of a crock as far as yoga goes. This is […]

Velvet Roped Washrooms

I’ll have to make this quick because I’m already 40 minutes past new “bedtime” as of today. Work Update: All is busy. I suppose that won’t ever change, and I’m slowly becoming used to the meetings. The very same meetings that I need to attend […]

Vogue into the innernets

I actually thought it’d be OK to post without a picture. But it looks so strange not having one. So here you go. Picture was taken by Jack. Relaxy time. That’s what I feel like doing. Vogueing. You know that old dance that Madonna used […]


Close From Far

Coheed and Cambria’s Backend of Forever starts to play at an abysmal 7:30am and my eyes burn. Btw: Thanks everyone for the text messages and well wishes that came in other forms. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to all of you, I got busy :/ […]