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The Lion, Sandwhich, and the Whoredrobe.

These types of weekends have sort of become my life, and I’m totally digging it. It’s not exactly a wardrobe, but “that’ll do pig, that’ll do.” May Long was only a few weeks ago, and as “eventful” as that weekend was, I still managed to […]

Quietly, stealthily, silentlyer

Jay Chou – Long Juan Feng (Tornado) with translation because I cannot understand anything, ever. Lyrics. Jumbled for your wonderment:  wo de shi jie yi kuang feng bao yu ai qing lai de tai kai jiu xiang long juan feng wo bu neng zai xiang, […]


My Self

Taken by Ann It’s been a while since I’ve posted a pic of myself, so here I am. Credit goes to my other favourite model, Ann, who is a triple threat in the artsy-fartsy world. She makes videos, cam-whores for me (quite well), and has […]



Nobody is truly who they are in the first 5 minutes you spend talking with them. Some of you may think “Not meee! (fuckface?!) I am, who-I-am, when-I-am. Always.” Well, to you, I say, “Shut up. I’m not talking to you.” Besides, it’s not a […]

Beach City

No, You’re the Beach

Shot with: Nikon D300 w/ Nikkor 17-55mm lens at f/2.8 (I’m still learning) on a tripod. Soundtrack: Brand New – No Seat Belt Song I shot the pilot, I’m begging you to fly this for me. I’m here for you to use, broken and bruised. […]

Ann Dorking Out

Hypothetically Sick

  Right, so this picture has nothing to do with anything. I just can’t stop laughing at it.. I guess you had to be there. I was reading today and came across the question: “If you were a criminal, what kind of criminal would you […]

Stoic Bear Mike

1000 Words

Shot with: Nikon D300 w/ Nikkor 17-55mm lens at f/2.8 on a tripod. Photoshop is my friend.

My Egg Timer

I wish I had answers to some of my questions.