Monthly Archives: June 2008

Paddy do!

Stanley’s Here

So finally, after I don’t even know how many weeks of saying I’ll post pictures of the day at Stanley Park, here it is. I’m also way tired to write anything about it right now, so this will have to be mostly a picture post.


Driven To Perform

No need for post production madness here. Driven To Perform was about 3 weeks ago now. The lighting there, aside from where this beamer was, was pretty bad. So, to flex my Photoshop muscle, I styled the next few pictures in a few ways because.. […]


Past Tense

About a month ago, I heard that a former classmate of mine had passed and today, more bad news. I feel sympathy for his family and friends, but I never thought about it past that really. The fact is, I don’t feel it’s all that […]


For Teh Love of..

Alright, I’ve been moaned at for the last few days to update. I don’t know when this turned into a competition, but fine. I’ll play. What I haven’t had time to do is to pick pictures from the Stanley Park day yet, so that’ll be […]


My Old-School Movie

I formatted! Holy crap. This idea to format my computer first came up the day i finished my last final. That was December 2006. Three of these things belong together. One of these things ate a pound of sugar. It’s so clean now. I compared […]