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For Teh Love of..


Alright, I’ve been moaned at for the last few days to update. I don’t know when this turned into a competition, but fine. I’ll play.

What I haven’t had time to do is to pick pictures from the Stanley Park day yet, so that’ll be on the back burner till Thursday at the earliest. Some of you may not think it, but it does take a while to do that “post production” stuff I love so much to my photos. Given, it’s not really all that crazy most of the time, but when an exposure I like is too blurry, too under exposed or too _____… I can’t help but try to save it. Sometimes it doesn’t work.

Yeah, yada, yeah.. “Shoot in RAW!” you say. “Bite me,” says I.

These pictures are from the day we played at YUMO for the first time. The dawn of a new era you could say.. not a great one considering Dustin’s place is no longer available to us. Ann’s shoulder was broken so she had the mega lens and here I am, cam whoring. I *look tired don’t I? Stressed even? I suppose. I’ve been fighting myself on a few issues this last month and a half. 8pm last night, I thought I’d won and roughly three and three quarter hours later, I was back.

The problem with battling yourself, is that you always know where to hit, and which buttons to press. Gawd.


Such a massive fail.

*This is also the first day I’m sporting the new fox-hawk that Misako gave me.


  1. sum
    Posted 11 Jun ’08 at 7:17 pm | Permalink

    Nice shout out to the great LL Cool J, respect.

    Noticed there’s a RSS feed for this site too, ballin!

  2. Posted 11 Jun ’08 at 8:19 pm | Permalink

    Fenks, yo. Few ppl give props to the style icons of yester-yore.

    i’m ballin’ out of control, don’t you see my gold chain?

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