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Past Tense


About a month ago, I heard that a former classmate of mine had passed and today, more bad news. I feel sympathy for his family and friends, but I never thought about it past that really. The fact is, I don’t feel it’s all that appropriate for someone outside the circle to be expressing anything beyond that. I remember in the past, when someone passed away, you always will have the annoying mega-sympathizers that will cry and moan on and on about what a great person X was and how they will be missed dearly.

Bull shit.

If those people really feel that bad, they should really deal with it in a more low-key way because it turns what family and friends are actually going through into a farce, which is obviously not the case.

Anyway, “Carpe Diam.” That’s how you should live life, right? Take the time to enjoy what you have, try something new, or reclaim something you’ve lost. But to put this into context: spend time with someone you don’t see often or open yourself up to a friend you do.

One of the worst things is to have to put a loved one into a memory forever.

My condolences go out towards the Artzoumanis family.


  1. Helena
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    msn broke… fix it NOW!!

  2. Posted 17 Jun ’08 at 10:28 am | Permalink

    yo, show a little respect for the post subject.

  3. Helena
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    sorry… didn’t read you post before commenting.

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