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Holy Bad Efking Week

Crazy River

I’ve just gone and had the worst few weeks ever it seems. I was on a bit of a life-rush the weeks prior to all this where things were not going well, but it was nothing to complain about because other parts of my life were good and it balanced out.

These last few weeks, I guess I had it too good for too long because my life was like this river: seemingly pleasant on the surface but what you don’t see unless you were there to experience it in all its fury, is that it’s a strong maherfackin river. The mouth of this thing is something that would devour your babies, crush villages of 6 week old puppies and possibly sleep with your wife and/or husband then write you an email about it complete with video attachments. Gawd.

Let’s have at it in point form without all the gory details

  • I’ve been having a go at it with me famiry for the past little while. I do feel bad that I’m kinda turning my back on them, but I’ll just have to go against the tide this time and brave the upcoming storm.
  • Work is busy.
  • Crazy food poisoning, fever, chills, barfing-out-my-ass/face and being home alone with no one around to take care of me on my long awaited long weekend.

Of those, I’ll only comment on a few. Being home alone when sick is such a big suck-fest. I guess it’s always easier to have someone around to take care of you when you’re sick but it’s an adjustment I’ll just have to get used to. Still, the thought of my head exploding throughout the night and no one around to hear it go “pop” is very.. ungood.