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First Meal

Oh, mine was much less fancy than this. Google images made this particular meal.

Alright, so this isn’t officially the first meal I’ve cooked on my own, but it is the first meal I’ve cooked on my own from scratch in this apartment. You’d think because of my ethnicity and 100% solidarity when choosing “asian” in the age old, slightly racist, meal time question “white or asian?” I’d make something like beef and broccolli, or sweet and sour pork.. pho even.

But, I did not. I made fried fish. Romo, you’re not the only Pilipinong up in this hizouse.

Sadly, it wasn’t ultra flip fish, just salmon. And rice. Setting off the fire alarm was also like having a poorly DJ’d party in my kitchen. Still, so good in my belleh.


  1. Romo
    Posted 4 Sep ’08 at 11:55 pm | Permalink

    pilipinoing? Do you wann some tuuubiiiiig?

  2. Posted 11 Sep ’08 at 2:26 pm | Permalink


    I would like to suggest another special dish consisting of three essential bachelor delicacies: perogies w/ sour cream, poutine, nachos and cheese.

    Pair this no wine. Beer, vodka are optional. Tequila or jager shots work well before during and after.

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