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Fuck You Blackula!

Einraged. Incredibly einraged.

The situation: I sit near the door in my cubicle at work. The receptionist door is about a 30 second walk away, so every once in a while i’ll get someone douche bag enough who thinks they’re important enough to interrupt whateaver work a stranger (me) is doing, to make me get up and let their fuck hole asses in. Usually, this isn’t a large problem, even though they could turn around and waddle to get a guest pass for the day, because really it’s only 10 seconds out of my day and the only annoying part is that it breaks my train of thought.

Today, however, crazy-stupid-bitch-whore-dingy-cunt-cotton-swab woman knocks on the door. I’m coding. I’m busy and deep in my train of thought. She knocks yet again, harder.. and again! So i finally get up to let her in, obviously disgrunted, and to make it worse, as i get there she is in mid motion of taking out her security card to unlock the door. What the fuck, whore. Stupid woman was fumbling with her [name brand] purse in one hand and a stupid chocolate milk in the other. GAWD.

I’ve made plans to fuck with her mind hide her keyboard/unplug her shit tonight.

Oh. I only used blackula because “fuck you coworker” sounds less hateful.


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    blackula is derogatory towards black vampires and I take offense (i’m part black, not vampire. just kidding. i’m a vampire .. but wouldn’t that be funny if I was black!?!? My, this is quite the long white-up…err write-up I have going inside these brackets).

    anyway, you should destroy her.

  3. jeremy
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