Monthly Archives: October 2008

Fable 2: The Vain Pirate

It’s over. It took me longer than i thought because I kept getting side tracked looking for new clothes and hair and cutlasses, but alas, my pirating days in Albion are done. I liked the game overall. It wasn’t long and never felt boring like […]

beisty spears

1st Annual Beisty Awards 2008

Beisty (pronounced bay-stee for the most part) means embarassment in Punjabi. If you’ve been around me or my friends in the last year or two, it’s become a regular in our vocabulary. This weekend, after some happenings that could not.. should not go ignored, I’ve […]

boyz ii men


  Boyz II Men concert was mega. Considering it was a few days ago now, it’s still fresh in my head. Obviously, the group isn’t the exact same as I remembered them back in the day when their songs shot arrows through the hearts of […]