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Cabo San Lucas part juan and a half

Hola from Cabo! I’ve been doing my best to learn spanish while i’m here.. having a semester in it does help me understand i must say, but the majority of the people here speak english very well so it’s not a necessity. Bad part is […]


New Eyes

I found this how-to on youtube that shows one guys method of drawing eyes so i decided to try it out. Then I went bonkers and drew everything. I’m stuck drawing line-figures in this style it seems. I need to branch out and try to […]


Alouette, Draw A Silhouette

So this is backwards, but i was reading online how to design a character, and one of the key steps before you even draw anything, is to make a silhouette. Then after you do it, you identify the major basic shapes in your character, and […]






Richard Harden: Noir Means Black

Woo hoo! The first couple pages are done. It took me a week and a half to do it, but I’m happy with the way it turned out. Alright, now to see if we can keep this going. I changed up the style at least […]


RH First Panel Draft

So this is what i have so far for the first page first panel for the comic. I think I’ll try to stick with this style for the time being, kind of a half and half between using all ‘lines’ and some solid tones. Gawd. […]

harden portrait

Richard Harden

A while ago, i tried to start up a comic with Romo about Lee Harden who’s a Private Eye, but that failed after the 6th page because it was so time consuming to think of how to draw each frame. But with some new resolve […]