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Alouette, Draw A Silhouette


So this is backwards, but i was reading online how to design a character, and one of the key steps before you even draw anything, is to make a silhouette. Then after you do it, you identify the major basic shapes in your character, and see if they work well together. I have no idea which shapes work together, but i thought I’d try to give an RH silhouette a go, and that’s what i came up with 5mins later. Not bad, considering i wasn’t expecting it to come out looking like anything more than a mangled psychologists ink blot.

One thing to note that I learned, is that a key to a good character design, is so that people can recognize it by it’s silhouette. Check out these i found online. Who knew character design was more than just drawing a thing out and having it in a cool pose.


And if you’re gotten this far please click this for hilarious remake of Take On Me song.

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