Monthly Archives: December 2008

Re: 1st Annual Beisty Awards

Two months after the original idea, it has happened. We all got happened. All in all it was an impromptu event with a good end result. There are many more beisties to be reenacted and awarded, even though I think the categories and related nominations […]

Man Songs

In other words, it’s “nan ren ge” in mandarin.. or so I’d lead you to believe with my limited china skills. I’m half assedly practicing a mandarin song for Dustin for when we go karaoke for his going away thing. He’ll be leaving for multi […]


I Umm Fallring in Lab with You

Just some possible mood music: Anson Hu – I Umm Fallring in Lab with You, oh Purrdy Gurrrrh The snow is falling outside and there’s over a foot’s worth of snow on the ground that has rendered me immobile from going anywhere outside of walking […]


One Thousand Words

You know the saying. Alicia Keys coulda wrote a song about a picture’s worth, not her stupid worth. Let’s get started on the things that got going this last month and a half. 1. Went to Cabos San Lucas. Vacation! 2. Got wet, then dark. […]

Bad Habits

They sometimes die hard. But what do you do when you start a bad habit for probably the stupidest reason in history, then that reason becomes moot as of late? As of last night at 2:30AM, and every other time I want to make a […]


Being a firm believer in karma and how it will reward and also rape you depending on whats going on, it has yet again shown me that life is like a box a chocolates. Sure, you may never know what you’re gonna get, but if […]

All Grow’d Up

It’s 3:30AM on a “friday night” and i’m at work.. debugging why my lab machines restart every 2 infuriorating hours. I had a small break in between the mess to look for snow.. but sadly, the snow was brown and melted, and there were no […]