Monthly Archives: May 2009


Pictures From Forwards World

So here are a few pics from the weekend. There was a few from a gravel pit thing under the bridge but at ISO3200 they look like butt to me after off loading them on the comp. These ones didn’t look too bad considering my […]

Backwards World

What a great Memorial Day weekend. I got to come back home and see everyone, cook like 20lbs of meat for dinner over some propane powered phire and most shockingly of all, I washed my car at Washworld for two dollars. This is quite a […]


New Diggs.. Nao?!

This Friday I will take my first steps into my new place here in my new “home.” It still doesn’t feel like home to me, hence the quotations, but it is leaps and bounds better in asthetic than my current aboad at aboda (alliteration unplanned).