Monthly Archives: June 2009

Dot-Squad is back

Dot-squad is back woo! And it’s back in the form I always wanted it to be in since highschool. A group site where me and those connected to me on the internet can post stuff to. I’m excited because it will be the first time […]


Upgraded to 2.8

Considering my last upgrade was version 2.4, lol i missed out on .4 revisions of this crazy version 2 they have going on. Good thing is that I was able to get rid of a few of the plugins I had to upload a picture […]


New Diew

So, things that are new with me that I feel is important enough to post about: I recently have had the urge to shave my head.. yet again. I tried this stunt back in 2005 which resulted in a super low maintenance hair cut and […]