Monthly Archives: September 2011


Boorah Janaiyo

Didn’t do much spelunking about today with the camera. To keep myself busy after Mike left today, I took the advice of a fortune cookie and went shopping for something nice for myself. It didn’t hurt that it was pay day and I finally got […]


Japanese Curry Night

So today after work I swung by the Asian Food Center (lol it’s just a super market) in Bellevue to pick up some grub. Decided that Curry would be a tasty meal after being foiled a few nights ago when Whole Foods denied me by […]


Dungeons and Dragons and Me

Had our weekly DnD game with my friends from work today. It was the usual battle except that one of the characters upgraded his player representation from a cardboard triangle to an actual player piece thing. The result.. a slightly more intricate battle drawing for […]


Hot and Cold Salad

After a long ridiculous day, I was treated to a hot and cold salad with the usual chicken bit. Om nom.. nomnomnom! There was Arugula, radishes, mushrooms, onions, pears, blue cheese and sauteed peppers, mushrooms and garlic. Very much needed after a meaty-weekend for Janet’s […]


Vancouver Public Library

Since on the 11th I didn’t actually do anything other than eat wings and freak out about crossing the border because it was the equivalent of a Voldemort birthday.. here is a library. Complete with the Colosseum feel. This was about the same time I […]


Free Digital Whales

Digital Whale! This is throwback to the movie that ruined my name for all tubby kids in elementry around that time. Damn you, whale! What you don’t see though is that there is a huge Mexican festival off to the right where everyone is yelling […]


Diptic-esque Tree

Again, end of the day at 7pm the sun was already going down. The parking garage is seemingly a hot spot for pictures for me


Crack the Sky

This morning was probably one of the crappier days of traffic this week of already craptastic car congestion. So, on my wait, I took a gander and spy’d myself a piece of heaven. The photo was taken on 520 Bridge.


Brand New! Bus Stop.

My homies from my home up north came down to visit for a semi-impromptu concert. Brand New was in town and we went to the show at the Showbox in SoDo. They played all but one of the songs I was most interested in hearing. Soco Amaretto […]


Working Berry Hard

I’m lame. I don’t care. On my way out from a LONG day at work, I whipped out the d300 and tried to spy an interesting shot. Lucky for me, on the path to the parking garage, I spotted this lone berry. Yay Rule of […]


Chill Out. Smile.

Meandering around downtown Seattle on Stewart and Westlake, I looked down and saw this guy. The rest of the day was spent bargain hunting at Borders bookstore which was doing their liquidation sale. Personally I’ve only stepped foot Borders maybe a handful of times prior […]


Adventures in Cycling-ish..

The photo: Look at my ass. And the dog’s ass. In fact, check out all my butts. The small dog was found about a month ago.. I think they’re going to keep him. His name is “Dog” lol. In and attempt to be healthier, I […]