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Adventures in Cycling-ish..

The photo: Look at my ass. And the dog’s ass. In fact, check out all my butts. The small dog was found about a month ago.. I think they’re going to keep him. His name is “Dog” lol.

In and attempt to be healthier, I decided to try and plan a biking day so my weekend activity didn’t include only eating out and meandering around town. It took the four of us about 4-5 hours to get ready before we were actually riding our bikes. The time was spent:

  • Gathering biking gear
  • Eating breakfast at Mike’s Noodle House
  • Buying missed biking gear
  • Random shopping at REI
  • Not planning ahead (haha, it’s all in the journey riiiigght?)
In total, I spent about 15mins on the bike before one of us bit the dust lol. I had a great time regardless and even if egos were bruised, I’m confidant it’s the not the destination (or in this case, the activity) but the company you keep. Yay for summer! It finally showed up! Sort of..

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