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Japanese Curry Night

So today after work I swung by the Asian Food Center (lol it’s just a super market) in Bellevue to pick up some grub. Decided that Curry would be a tasty meal after being foiled a few nights ago when Whole Foods denied me by not having the S&B mix. Making the stuff is really easy, just pick your favourite things to go into a curry, and pre-cook it in the pot a bit, then add some water, and add some of the S&B Curry cubes.

Today I went with Pork stew chunks and ribs (they were on sale), some potatoes, carrots, Daikon, Crimini and Shitake mushrooms. The entire meal took about 30-40 mins to prep, cook, and eat. Harsh “set it.. and forget it!!!1″

Maybe i’ll re-write this up as an official MPF post.

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