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Boorah Janaiyo

Didn’t do much spelunking about today with the camera. To keep myself busy after Mike left today, I took the advice of a fortune cookie and went shopping for something nice for myself. It didn’t hurt that it was pay day and I finally got […]


Diptic-esque Tree

Again, end of the day at 7pm the sun was already going down. The parking garage is seemingly a hot spot for pictures for me


Brand New! Bus Stop.

My homies from my home up north came down to visit for a semi-impromptu concert. Brand New was in town and we went to the show at the Showbox in SoDo. They played all but one of the songs I was most interested in hearing. Soco Amaretto […]


Chill Out. Smile.

Meandering around downtown Seattle on Stewart and Westlake, I looked down and saw this guy. The rest of the day was spent bargain hunting at Borders bookstore which was doing their liquidation sale. Personally I’ve only stepped foot Borders maybe a handful of times prior […]


That Table

Went to a wedding for a friend I haven’t seen in years, and haven’t ‘known’ in even longer. It was one of the best weddings I’ve been to, even if I felt awkward being there. Sadly, I thought my entire table was in the same […]


Ann Likes Coffee

May 2008, we decided to go play golf while Ann decided to be a poster child for Starbucks. You’ll notice I did that thing with “Adobe” on this picture. I dunno, I like the effect


Sunset in Honolulu

I took this photo 54 weeks ago in Honolulu across the street from the beach my hotel was facing. Was lucky enough to catch the sunset the way I did and also have a sailboat in the shot. Right place at the right time I […]


Roadtrip: Highway 101

Back in August 2009 when I first moved out here, my long lost buddy Paddy came out and took a road trip with me.. south. We didn’t exactly have a destination other than Cannon Beach and every which spot along the way. We ended up […]



This one isn’t so much about the photo as it is the memory associated with it. Khontessa 3. Super fun. This was during one of the days where we decided to roller blade along road adjacent to the beach at Birch Bay, WA. To compensate […]


Father Damien

I took a trip with my family to Hawaii in February 2010. We decided we wanted a leg of the trip to be in a less commercial Hawaii, so we flew out to the smaller island of Molokai. This is where we hiked down a […]


Doraemon is Helpful

March 2008. I’d just started a new job and insisted that I start off my new job with a new toy. Enter Nikon D300 with the 50mm lens. Then I decided I had to clean and have a not-so-disgusting bedroom.. this was also pre-moving out […]


“Devils Canyon”

This was from a random road trip Bmike and I took back in May 2008. Part of my effort to make that summer “Worth It.” And I did. I wish I could tell you where we actually were here in this picture but I can’t. […]