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The one thing we all have in common.


Japanese Curry Night

So today after work I swung by the Asian Food Center (lol it’s just a super market) in Bellevue to pick up some grub. Decided that Curry would be a tasty meal after being foiled a few nights ago when Whole Foods denied me by […]


Hot and Cold Salad

After a long ridiculous day, I was treated to a hot and cold salad with the usual chicken bit. Om nom.. nomnomnom! There was Arugula, radishes, mushrooms, onions, pears, blue cheese and sauteed peppers, mushrooms and garlic. Very much needed after a meaty-weekend for Janet’s […]


Vinegary Chilis

For Jack’s 29th birthday, we surprised him at Steelhead Diner at the Public Market. We were seated at a booth which was rather snug but I didn’t mind. I was asked if i was from Epicurious because of the giant lens I was busting out to […]


Doo d’O.O. Butter

Retroactive pic here. I actually took this on the 3rd but since I forgot to take one on the 2nd, I’ll just use this one I took of the olive oil and butter we were served for Jack’s birthday at Steelhead Diner.


Pictures From Forwards World

So here are a few pics from the weekend. There was a few from a gravel pit thing under the bridge but at ISO3200 they look like butt to me after off loading them on the comp. These ones didn’t look too bad considering my […]


No Pants? No problem.

In response to my loathsome post last night, I will take the advice and put it to use. My “new” hobby will be to try to update my blog with things I’m learning while living abroad.   This last week, I learned my body is […]


First Meal

Oh, mine was much less fancy than this. Google images made this particular meal. Alright, so this isn’t officially the first meal I’ve cooked on my own, but it is the first meal I’ve cooked on my own from scratch in this apartment. You’d think […]

I want prawn

Pr0n. I can’t help myself, besides, it’s possible it might be shrimp I said to myself that I’d try not to post things that were way off tangent. I suppose I’m not the dog’s bullocks. Working today, I got really tired. I wanted a nap.. […]

Nom nom nom Phnom Penh

So today, well “yesterday” if you want to be an asshole, I had to go in to work. Afterwards, Ann, Helena and I went to get shanked for dinner in the skeezy part of Vancouver: Chinatown. Just kidding, it’s not that sketchy, you just can’t […]