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Dungeons and Dragons and Me

Had our weekly DnD game with my friends from work today. It was the usual battle except that one of the characters upgraded his player representation from a cardboard triangle to an actual player piece thing. The result.. a slightly more intricate battle drawing for […]

Just A Geek by Wil Wheaton

Okay, so the aforementioned book i paid for, but then couldn’t listen to immediately was by “Gordy Lachance.” Eight or nine some-odd hours later having this on whilst i did my house-ly chores and in the short lulls at work, I listened to 10 minute […]


Upgraded to 2.8

Considering my last upgrade was version 2.4, lol i missed out on .4 revisions of this crazy version 2 they have going on. Good thing is that I was able to get rid of a few of the plugins I had to upload a picture […]

You need actions

Tools! Siva’s Photoshop Conditional Action

Awesome! Today I spent a buttload of time trying to protect the images I’ve uploaded by sticking a watermark on them. Sure, NextGEN Gallery allows me to have watermarks but when it saves, it completely obliterates the exif meta data (holy tongue twister) which sucks […]

Hunger Biox

Photos! NextGEN Gallery

Since I know you’re all interested in the stupid details, I’ll take the liberty to detail some on-going changes with my site. I’ve just added some photos and integrated it with the NextGen Gallery and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. It offers a […]