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Somebody That I Used To Know

Amazing. And I don’t wanna live that way / Reading into every word you say / You said that you could let it go / And I wouldn’t catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know Had no choices but to cut […]


Brand New! Bus Stop.

My homies from my home up north came down to visit for a semi-impromptu concert. Brand New was in town and we went to the show at the Showbox in SoDo. They played all but one of the songs I was most interested in hearing. Soco Amaretto […]


Adventures in Cycling-ish..

The photo: Look at my ass. And the dog’s ass. In fact, check out all my butts. The small dog was found about a month ago.. I think they’re going to keep him. His name is “Dog” lol. In and attempt to be healthier, I […]


Vinegary Chilis

For Jack’s 29th birthday, we surprised him at Steelhead Diner at the Public Market. We were seated at a booth which was rather snug but I didn’t mind. I was asked if i was from Epicurious because of the giant lens I was busting out to […]


Hi, my name is Will.

The Image: Halloween, 2010. Big Island, Hawaii. Seems like I’ve done it again, though I’m not complaining. The last 30 days has been interesting to say the least when it comes to my life. I was doing the relationship thing for the first time.. ever […]


That Table

Went to a wedding for a friend I haven’t seen in years, and haven’t ‘known’ in even longer. It was one of the best weddings I’ve been to, even if I felt awkward being there. Sadly, I thought my entire table was in the same […]


Doraemon is Helpful

March 2008. I’d just started a new job and insisted that I start off my new job with a new toy. Enter Nikon D300 with the 50mm lens. Then I decided I had to clean and have a not-so-disgusting bedroom.. this was also pre-moving out […]


Mom & Dad

Thanksgiving 2008 @ Bear Creek Park. I was also trying to convince them that I didn’t just drop 2k on a DSLR with zero skills to back it up.


Cabo San Lucas: Coronas for Days

Back in 2008, Ann, Luke and my cousin Mike took a vacation to Cabo in November for a week. It. Was. Glorious. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed sitting on the beach as much as I did that trip because it was my first time […]


Bmike @ Anson’s Bench

Mikey’s close friend Anson had only just passed away a few months prior to taking this picture. He’d only just celebrated his birthday before the tragedy and to say he was unhealthy was flat-out lying as I’m told. While I’d only met Anson a few […]

I’m An Addict

So, I’m an addict. I hate to stay up late and be incredibly tired, yet i do it. I’m doing it right now as we speak, but this last couple months has been so incredibly ridiculous i don’t know what to do. The usual folks […]


Simple Geometry

As I’ve been saying for the last week or so, “Triangles are the stupidest shape.” Ugh I’ve been involved in a few of these geometric wonders in my past years and it’s a pain in the ass. I’m a firm believer in the circle. That’s […]