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Just A Geek by Wil Wheaton

Okay, so the aforementioned book i paid for, but then couldn’t listen to immediately was by “Gordy Lachance.” Eight or nine some-odd hours later having this on whilst i did my house-ly chores and in the short lulls at work, I listened to 10 minute […]

Fable 2: The Vain Pirate

It’s over. It took me longer than i thought because I kept getting side tracked looking for new clothes and hair and cutlasses, but alas, my pirating days in Albion are done. I liked the game overall. It wasn’t long and never felt boring like […]

Pose? Expose.

Bikram Yoga, as described by wikipedia and confirmed by myself when I went to try it out this long weekend with a few friends, is yoga for 90 minutes in hot-hot heat. Simply put, kind of a crock as far as yoga goes. This is […]

You need actions

Tools! Siva’s Photoshop Conditional Action

Awesome! Today I spent a buttload of time trying to protect the images I’ve uploaded by sticking a watermark on them. Sure, NextGEN Gallery allows me to have watermarks but when it saves, it completely obliterates the exif meta data (holy tongue twister) which sucks […]

Hunger Biox

Photos! NextGEN Gallery

Since I know you’re all interested in the stupid details, I’ll take the liberty to detail some on-going changes with my site. I’ve just added some photos and integrated it with the NextGen Gallery and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. It offers a […]

Nom nom nom Phnom Penh

So today, well “yesterday” if you want to be an asshole, I had to go in to work. Afterwards, Ann, Helena and I went to get shanked for dinner in the skeezy part of Vancouver: Chinatown. Just kidding, it’s not that sketchy, you just can’t […]