That Table


Went to a wedding for a friend I haven’t seen in years, and haven’t ‘known’ in even longer. It was one of the best weddings […]

Ann Likes Coffee


May 2008, we decided to go play golf while Ann decided to be a poster child for Starbucks. You’ll notice I did that thing with […]

Sunset in Honolulu


I took this photo 54 weeks ago in Honolulu across the street from the beach my hotel was facing. Was lucky enough to catch the […]

Roadtrip: Highway 101


Back in August 2009 when I first moved out here, my long lost buddy Paddy came out and took a road trip with me.. south. […]



This one isn’t so much about the photo as it is the memory associated with it. Khontessa 3. Super fun. This was during one of […]

Father Damien


I took a trip with my family to Hawaii in February 2010. We decided we wanted a leg of the trip to be in a […]

Doraemon is Helpful


March 2008. I’d just started a new job and insisted that I start off my new job with a new toy. Enter Nikon D300 with […]

“Devils Canyon”


This was from a random road trip Bmike and I took back in May 2008. Part of my effort to make that summer “Worth It.” […]



Oh Helena. You I

Making It Worth It!


May 2008, I turned Ann into my own personal cam whore. Here she is rocking some Onitsukas before I even knew what they were and […]

Granville Bridge


Took this September 2008 at 11pm-ish from Granville Island. I think this was one of my first times out with the tripod for the D300.

Mom, Dad & Me circa 2008


Thanksgiving 2008. My sister was.. I have no idea, but I was left at home to think up activities to do and convince my parents […]