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Ann Likes Coffee

May 2008, we decided to go play golf while Ann decided to be a poster child for Starbucks. You’ll notice I did that thing with “Adobe” on this picture. I dunno, I like the effect



This one isn’t so much about the photo as it is the memory associated with it. Khontessa 3. Super fun. This was during one of the days where we decided to roller blade along road adjacent to the beach at Birch Bay, WA. To compensate […]


Making It Worth It!

May 2008, I turned Ann into my own personal cam whore. Here she is rocking some Onitsukas before I even knew what they were and sporting her pimp shades. I also think this was along the time when we were having the “make it WORTH […]


Cabo San Lucas: Coronas for Days

Back in 2008, Ann, Luke and my cousin Mike took a vacation to Cabo in November for a week. It. Was. Glorious. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed sitting on the beach as much as I did that trip because it was my first time […]