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Denny & 10th

What a stupid ass place to put a sign. While I think this looks cool because it’s all “nature meets morons” — but if you were walking there with me you would understand. There is no way that any driver could see this street sign […]

All Grow’d Up

It’s 3:30AM on a “friday night” and i’m at work.. debugging why my lab machines restart every 2 infuriorating hours. I had a small break in between the mess to look for snow.. but sadly, the snow was brown and melted, and there were no […]

Fuck You Blackula!

Einraged. Incredibly einraged. The situation: I sit near the door in my cubicle at work. The receptionist door is about a 30 second walk away, so every once in a while i’ll get someone douche bag enough who thinks they’re important enough to interrupt whateaver […]

Pose? Expose.

Bikram Yoga, as described by wikipedia and confirmed by myself when I went to try it out this long weekend with a few friends, is yoga for 90 minutes in hot-hot heat. Simply put, kind of a crock as far as yoga goes. This is […]

Velvet Roped Washrooms

I’ll have to make this quick because I’m already 40 minutes past new “bedtime” as of today. Work Update: All is busy. I suppose that won’t ever change, and I’m slowly becoming used to the meetings. The very same meetings that I need to attend […]