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Graffiti Wall

Was walking back towards downtown Seattle and noticed this wall tucked away in an alley. I’m pretty sure the owner of the tattoo/piercing parlour was the one who did this because a few months later when walking buy, I swear I spotted either the owner […]


Denny & 10th

What a stupid ass place to put a sign. While I think this looks cool because it’s all “nature meets morons” — but if you were walking there with me you would understand. There is no way that any driver could see this street sign […]


Quinn’s Pub with Rahman

This photo is of Rahman being the socialite that he is. We were sitting at Quinn’s Pub and I don’t remember exactly what was going on but I’m pretty sure he was setting up the events for the night so we’d have something to do […]


Jimmy Hendrix

Spotted this guy infront of one of my favourite stores, Blick, in Seattle – Capitol Hill side, on the corner of Broadway and Pine. This place rocks so hard for art supplies that it only makes sense to have this statue outside, imbued a sense […]


Online Coffee

Spent the day, with some people walking around downtown Seattle before I moved here. The actual day was June 26th, 2010 and it was the beginning of a long and interesting weekend but I was able to snap a few pictures that were worth the […]