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Draft: BMBD

Going for a painty look this time Don’t know if i will change it yet, but using colors first is pretty cool. Edit: redid the bg for this to look not so mspaint-like. still ridiculously happy looking.. don’t know if i wanna make it mega […]


Happy Belated Birthday Luke

So I coloured the thing finally and when I finished, I looked quickly at the previous sketches that I’d done for the pic and couldn’t help but laugh lol. The end product will hopefully look good on a t-shirt.. now to pick a t-shirt. Since […]


New Eyes

I found this how-to on youtube that shows one guys method of drawing eyes so i decided to try it out. Then I went bonkers and drew everything. I’m stuck drawing line-figures in this style it seems. I need to branch out and try to […]


Alouette, Draw A Silhouette

So this is backwards, but i was reading online how to design a character, and one of the key steps before you even draw anything, is to make a silhouette. Then after you do it, you identify the major basic shapes in your character, and […]


Girls are Difficult

So that’s the understatement of the century. Everything is different: noses, mouths, eyes. I even have to be careful how i shade you.. because it could come out looking like a freaking beard. I will try harder next time. (read: your bits and pieces are […]



My thoughts go out to your family and friends. I only knew you briefly, good sir, and it’s a shame I didn’t get a chance to to know you well. Your friends loved you a lot and will carry your memory on.


Stop. Tablet-Time

Busted out the tablet again and started to sketch a friend. Something is wrong with this one.. oh well, hopefully #2 will look closer. I’ve always had trouble drawing real people. Cartoon versions of feces and/or objects.. sure. Cartoon people? Say hello to disproportionate body […]