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Doraemon is Helpful

March 2008. I’d just started a new job and insisted that I start off my new job with a new toy. Enter Nikon D300 with the 50mm lens. Then I decided I had to clean and have a not-so-disgusting bedroom.. this was also pre-moving out […]


Mom, Dad & Me circa 2008

Thanksgiving 2008. My sister was.. I have no idea, but I was left at home to think up activities to do and convince my parents I didn’t have a spending habit. Also, totally 250lbs here :O


Mom & Dad

Thanksgiving 2008 @ Bear Creek Park. I was also trying to convince them that I didn’t just drop 2k on a DSLR with zero skills to back it up.


Bear Creek Park

Kind of under-rated. Just have to catch this place at the right time, and when there isn’t a torrential downpour of rain.