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Oh Helena. You I


Making It Worth It!

May 2008, I turned Ann into my own personal cam whore. Here she is rocking some Onitsukas before I even knew what they were and sporting her pimp shades. I also think this was along the time when we were having the “make it WORTH […]


Granville Bridge

Took this September 2008 at 11pm-ish from Granville Island. I think this was one of my first times out with the tripod for the D300.


Bmike @ Anson’s Bench

Mikey’s close friend Anson had only just passed away a few months prior to taking this picture. He’d only just celebrated his birthday before the tragedy and to say he was unhealthy was flat-out lying as I’m told. While I’d only met Anson a few […]


Photo Up

Going to try to redo this as a blog/photoblog because.. why the hell not. I’d say i have time to blog but clearly i don’t so i’ll just start off with a few images here and there. This was Stanley Park back in 2008 when […]


Pictures From Forwards World

So here are a few pics from the weekend. There was a few from a gravel pit thing under the bridge but at ISO3200 they look like butt to me after off loading them on the comp. These ones didn’t look too bad considering my […]

Backwards World

What a great Memorial Day weekend. I got to come back home and see everyone, cook like 20lbs of meat for dinner over some propane powered phire and most shockingly of all, I washed my car at Washworld for two dollars. This is quite a […]